Stoll Berne Obtains $3.3 Million Judgment for Columbia Sportswear Company

March 10, 2015

On March 9, 2015, United States District Court​ Judge Michael Simon entered a $3.3 million judgment in favor of Columbia Sportswear Company against Fibretronic Limited.

Columbia was represented in the case by Stoll Berne attorneys Keith Ketterling and Steven Berman.

In 2012, Columbia purchased heating elements from Fibretronic for heated jackets Columbia intended to manufacture and sell worldwide.   After the jackets had been assembled, Columbia discovered that the heating elements were faulty.  Columbia immediately initiated a worldwide recall of the jackets.  Columbia subsequently filed a case against Fibretronic, seeking to recover the price paid for the heating elements, as well as the costs of the recall effort and lost profits.  Judge Simon granted Columbia’s motion for a judgment, and awarded Columbia all the damages it sought in its motion.

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