Two & Oak Cycling

What is Two & Oak Cycling?

A number of shareholders and employees at Stoll Berne share a love for cycling and many of us ride our bikes to and from work.  The core group of cyclists keeps growing.  In addition to this, one of Stoll Berne's shareholders, Keil Mueller, is on the Board of Community Cycling Center, and Stoll Berne has been a past primary sponsor of Cycle Oregon.  Stoll Berne has been supportive of Cycle Oregon because we love the connection to rural Oregon, cycling and the environment.  The offices of Stoll Berne are situated on the corner of 2nd and Oak, and, thus, Two & Oak Cycling was born.

Stoll Berne is not Stoel Rives, a large Portland firm.  We are a small firm that takes cases on behalf of consumers, investors and sometimes businesses (such as Columbia Sportswear) and the State of Oregon.  In 2010, we represented Oregon's College Savings Plan and the Oregon Attorney General in recovering over $20 million for kids and families trying to save for college.  We are a progressive, politically active firm.  Take a look at our YouTube video "Don't Fear Goliath" and you will see what we are all about.

We have designed a Two & Oak Cycling jersey (see picture below) that also has the Cycle Oregon logo.  They are not for sale; it's just something we wanted to do to show our support of Cycle Oregon.  For the 2011 Cycle Oregon event, we added some additional logos to our jersey: NinkasiCommunity Cycling Center (CCC), and Bike Gallery.  Why?  Because these organizations really give back to Oregon and support a healthy, Oregonian lifestyle.  Stoll Berne has done pro bono legal work for both Cycle Oregon and Community Cycling Center.

Cycle Oregon's mission is to transform individuals and communities through cycling.  They have embarked on a kids' education program to bring cycling, cycling skills and a love of cycling to the kids in the communities on the Cycle Oregon route.  The goal is to address community  health and child obesity by developing and supporting young, recreational cyclists in the towns visited by Cycle Oregon.

Cycle Oregon does great things for the communities they visit but have been concerned with the image of the participating cyclists riding in on their high-priced bikes, enjoying the local community for the day and riding out the next morning.  Until now, there hasn't been any focus to create or leave behind new cyclists.  This is a great new pilot program - called Cycle Safe - working with local community organizations and bike shops to develop a week-long curriculum for new riders.  Cycle Oregon provides the bikes and everyone gets a helmet.  The local partner holds the bikes and Cycle Oregon works with them to develop an organic bike program that continues after Cycle Oregon has left.  This is an opportunity to bring cycling to kids in rural Oregon, creating young cyclists who will help to transform their communities, helping everyday people to enjoy the benefits and good health of cycling.

Stoll Berne is proud to support Cycle Oregon's efforts in their Cycle Safe program.


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April 2012 - Stoll Berne donated two passes to the Cycle Oregon September event plus a couple of Two & Oak Jerseys to p:ear, a non-profit that aims to provide positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth through education, art and recreation.  The passes and jerseys were up for auction at p:ear's 10th annual fundraiser on May 12, 2012. 

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