Josh Ross prevails at trial in Multnomah County Circuit Court

Stoll Berne shareholder Josh Ross recently prevailed at trial in Multnomah County Circuit Court on behalf of a client involved in a title dispute over a significant investment property. 

In 2014, Stoll Berne’s client was sued in a partition action arising from a claim of co-tenant ownership.  Although the plaintiff had not possessed, managed, contributed financially, or otherwise been involved in the property for nearly three decades, the plaintiff asked the Court to find that she maintained a co-tenant ownership interest, to compel a public sale of the property and to distribute the sale proceeds in part to her, and to require our client to pay damages relating to her management of the property over nearly 30 years.  The plaintiff also alternatively claimed that she and Stoll Berne’s client were partners who owned the property as part of a joint venture. 

Ross, in response, filed a counterclaim seeking to quiet title and confirm 100% ownership of the property in our client’s name because the plaintiff had abandoned her interest in the property nearly 30 years ago and had never asserted an interest or contributed to the ownership of the property in any way during that time. 

Earlier this year, Ross asked the court to dismiss the partnership claims from the case as unsupported by any evidence.  The court agreed and dismissed the claims.  This summer, Ross tried our client’s quiet title claim to the court.  Following trial, the court issued a ruling in favor of Stoll Berne’s client awarding her a full interest in the property and denying the plaintiff’s claims entirely.