Stoll Berne has handled several cases involving spills and leaks of home heating oil.

Stoll Berne represented approximately 50 individual residents of Coos Bay, Oregon, including families with young children and elderly folks, who lived adjacent to a nickel ore processing facility that was releasing large quantities of fine red dust. The visible red dust, which included nickel and chromium, would settle on residents' homes and apartments.

Stoll Berne represented several building owners prosecuting claims against contractors for defective construction. Many of these claims involved building envelope defects and water intrusion requiring implementation of mold abatement protocols.

The Smurfit case was a class action on behalf of the employees at a Smurfit plant in McMinnville, Oregon who were not timely paid when Smurfit sold the plant.The case settled after the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that the employees were not timely paid.