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Report Says 20% of Companies Manage Earnings, Causing Misrepresentations of Prices Per Share

Posted on: October 23rd, 2012 by Keith Dubanevich

According to a survey conducted by a group of finance professors, at least 20% of companies manage earnings and use aggressive accounting methods.  The companies legally exploit accounting standards in order to “manage earnings to misrepresent [the company’s] economic performance,” according to the study’s authors, Ilia Dichev and Shiva Rajgopal of Emory University and John Graham of Duke University. Read more…

JPMorgan Slapped with $18 Million Judgment

Posted on: October 19th, 2012 by Keith Ketterling

A state court in Oklahoma has ordered JPMorgan Chase & Co. to pay more than $18 million to a trust in a suit arising from the bank’s recommendation of a security that was unsuitable for the trust and benefited the bank. Read more…

Pfizer to Pay $164 Million to Settle Celebrex Class Action

Posted on: October 16th, 2012 by Nadine Gartner

Pfizer Inc. has agreed to pay $164 million to settle a shareholder class action lawsuit involving Celebrex, an arthritis drug. Read more…

Largest Securities Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Due to Financial Crisis Announced

Posted on: October 9th, 2012 by Nadine Gartner

Bank of America recently announced a $2.43 billion deal to settle accusations that it misled investors about the acquisition of Merrill Lynch.  It is the largest securities class-action lawsuit settlement to arise from the financial crisis to date. Read more…

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  • Nadine Gartner
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