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Proposed Class Action Bill in the House is Bad for Americans

Posted on: March 13th, 2017 by Steve Larson

Public Justice has written an excellent article explaining why a proposed class action bill in the U.S. House of Representatives is bad for Americans. Click here for the article.

Misleading price class action against Nike dismissed

Posted on: March 9th, 2017 by Steve Larson

Judge Michael Mosman, an Oregon federal district court judge, dismissed a consumer’s proposed class action suit against Nike, Inc. The consumer had alleged that the company duped shoppers at its outlet stores with false suggested retail prices on items, leading them to believe that they were getting a discount.

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Stoll Berne and Nick Kahl, LLC file discrimination class action suit against Airbnb

Posted on: March 8th, 2017 by Josh Ross

Stoll Berne and Nick Kahl LLC, filed a class action complaint in Multnomah County Circuit Court against Airbnb, Inc., alleging that Airbnb’s booking policies discriminate against African-Americans. The complaint was filed on behalf of named plaintiff, Patricia Harrington. Ms. Harrington’s complaint alleges that Airbnb offers different services to African-Americans than it does to Caucasians. The lawsuit, Patricia Harrington, et al. v. Airbnb, Inc., seeks to compel Airbnb to offer its public accommodations free of discrimination and to enforce Oregon’s public accommodations laws.

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Oracle sued by employees in class action over cancelled commissions

Posted on: March 7th, 2017 by Steve Larson

A class action lawsuit has been filed in California federal court against Oracle America, Inc. The complaint alleges that Oracle failed to pay its sales force earned wages by retroactively changing contracts to reduce commissions on past sales.

The named plaintiff in the lawsuit alleges that the company told her that she had a negative commission balance of approximately $20,000 after it “re-planned” how much she would be paid for sales she made in 2013. The plaintiff was notified of the change after receiving commissions in November and December 2013 under a previously stated “comp plan,” but Oracle applied the new rate retroactively to June 2013.

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BMW Settles Class Action Relating to Water Damage in 5 Series for $477 Million

Posted on: March 1st, 2017 by Steve Larson

BMW has agreed to pay up to $477.7 million to settle a class action lawsuit covering about 318,000 U.S. luxury car owners who may have suffered water damage harming electrical components in vehicle trunks. According to settlement documents filed in U.S. District Court in New York last week, the settlement covers owners of 2004-2010 model year BMW 5 Series cars and will allow owners to receive up to a $1,500 reimbursement for prior repairs.

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NCAA Settles Antitrust Class Action for $208 Million

Posted on: February 27th, 2017 by Steve Larson

After more than a year of negotiations, a $208.7 million settlement has been reached in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) antitrust multi-district class action. On February 3, 2017, the plaintiffs filed a motion seeking preliminary approval of the settlement agreement.

The suit, which was originally filed in March 2014, claims the NCAA colluded with 11 conferences in an antitrust conspiracy, which capped the maximum grant-in-aid a student athlete could receive. Most athletes were therefore awarded grants that would only cover part of their tuition. Plaintiffs allege that this alleged collusion disrupted the free market and that the student athlete aid cap put severe financial burdens on players while attending school, depriving them of “the full economic benefits of their labor.”

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