Class action filed against Walmart over PCBs

Posted on: September 23rd, 2014 by Steve Larson

walmartA class-action lawsuit has been filed in Indiana against Walmart relating to a facility where PCBs were discovered.  PCBs — or polychlorinated biphenyls — are highly toxic man-made carcinogens that accumulate in the body.  The lawsuit was brought on behalf of an employee who worked at a Walmart sorting facility at 3333 N. Franklin Rd., Indianapolis.

The production of PCBs was supposedly banned in 1979.  On Aug. 20, 600 employees of the staffing firm Exel were called to a meeting in front of the facility and told it was shutting down immediately.   Exel provides workers for the facility. The employees were not told why the facility was closing.

The complaint requests relief for the plaintiff and other employees through a court-supervised PCB surveillance program that would provide ‘temporary, preliminary and permanent equitable and/or injunctive relief’ for medical screening(s) to monitor the short- and long-term effects of exposure to the PCBs, according to the complaint.