Alliant Law Group class actions settlement

Posted on: August 18th, 2011 by Steve Larson

If you were called on your cellular phone by debt collector Alliant Law Group, PC (“Alliant”) at any time between June 25, 2006 and June 22, 2011, your rights may be affected by a class action settlement.  A class action settlement was reached in a class action lawsuit against Alliant Law Group, PC. The case was pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District Of California, and was entitled Patrick Grannan v. Alliant Law Group, PC, Civil Class Action Case No. CV 10-02803 HRL).  The complaint alleged that Alliant called people on their cellular telephones, either with an automatic telephone dialing system or by a prerecorded voice message between June 25, 2006 and June 22, 2011, which was a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”), 47 U.S.C. Section 227(b)(1)(A)(iii).

The Alliant TCPA settlement is defined as follows:

All persons within the United States to whom any telephone calls were made by Alliant or any of the other Released Parties between June 25, 2006 and the date of Preliminary Approval (June 22, 2011) to such person’s cellular telephone, paging service, specialized mobile radio service, other radio common carrier service or any service for which the called party is charged for the call, through the use of any automatic telephone dialing system which has the capacity to store or produce numbers (whether or not such capacity was used), including, without limitation, an automated dialing machine dialer, auto-dialer or predictive dialer, or by the use of an artificial or prerecorded voice, without such person’s prior express consent.

The Class consists of the owners of 137,981 unique cell phones.  Alliant has reportedly agreed to settle Plaintiff’s Lawsuit by agreeing to pay the sum of $1 million dollars, plus all related costs and attorneys’ fees.