Class Action Filed Against L.A. Fitness Over Improper Charges

Posted on: March 21st, 2011 by Steve Larson

A class action complaint has been filed against L.A. Fitness International, LLC (“L.A. Fitness”) in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida alleging that L.A. Fitness represents that it offers monthly membership contracts to its fitness and health clubs that can be cancelled at any time by following the cancellation provisions in the L.A. Fitness monthly dues membership contract, but allegedly charges members for dues after they attempt to cancel their memberships in accordance with the policies of L.A. Fitness.

The class action is brought on behalf of the following class of persons:

All former members of LA Fitness who have incurred at least one additional monthly billing charge after they timely cancelled their Monthly Dues Membership Agreements with defendant LA Fitness, despite the fact that they were up to date with dues payments at the time they mailed their notice of cancellations; or (ii) are current members of LA Fitness who entered into Monthly Dues Memberships Agreements which contain the cancellation provisions set forth in the Complaint and who will allegedly have to pay dues for one or more months after they attempt to cancel their memberships.

For more specific information on the L.A. Fitness class action read the complaint at this link.