National Football League Super Bowl XLV Ticket & Seat Class Action Lawsuit Complaint

Posted on: February 18th, 2011 by Steve Larson

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the National Football League and Dallas Cowboys Football Club, Ltd., in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division (styled Steve Simms and Mike Dolabi v. Jerral “Jerry” Wayne Jones, National Football League, Dallas Cowboys Football Club, Ltd., JWJ Corporation, Cowboys Stadium, L.P., Cowboys Stadium GP, LLC, and Blue & Silver, Inc., Class Action Case No. 3:11-cv-00248-M), alleging, among other things, that on February 6, 2011, Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas was host to the National Football League NFL Super Bowl XLV between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, that putative class members paid thousands of dollars to be seated at the Super Bowl and traveled to Cowboys Stadium from around the country and world, but that certain “Founders” fans and ticket holders to Super Bowl XLV did not get what they bargained for, since they allegedly were assigned seats with obstructed views and temporary metal fold out chairs which lacked view of the stadium’s prized “video board,” while an additional 400 ticket holders were completely denied seats at Super Bowl XLV as a result of the incomplete installation of temporary bleachers, which were purportedly deemed unsafe and unusable, according to the NFL Super Bowl XLV ticket & seat class action lawsuit complaint.

The NFL Super Bowl XLV ticket & seat class action lawsuit complaint reportedly asserts claims for breach of contract, breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, fraud, deceit and concealment, and violations of Texas deceptive trade practices act.

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